Ready mixed concrete

Our Ready mixed concrete comes in a variety of strengths. Here at Prestige Concrete Products Ltd we are always on hand to help. With our volumetric vehicles you will only pay for what you use so there is absolutely NO wasted material. We will tailor each mix to your specific requirements, and also means we can adapt the mix to changing site conditions. It is the most convenient method of concrete delivery.

Lego Blocks

Installation of the concrete blocks is the quickest and easy method. Units are cast with pins/eyes in the top of the units, while shackles are hooked over and connected to chains/slings. These are used to off-load deliveries and to move into position. the concrete blocks interlock on the top and bottom and vertical joints are staggered. The process is similar to building a brick wall - this way everything is secure to the highest level.

Concrete Blocks

Our High-Quality Concrete Blocks are among the most versatile building products available and are used for a range of different purposes across a number of projects and industries, from the construction of our homes and schools and office blocks. Manufactured from the highest quality cement, and aggregates, dense concrete blocks are well known throughout the construction industry for their exceptional durability and strength, which makes them perfect for a number of uses, including building load-bearing walls. A cost-effective solution, concrete blocks also allow for rapid construction on any project, saving you valuable time and money.

Fence Posts

Concrete posts simply need to be fitted into the ground, and then you can build your garden fence however you like. It also means that when it comes to installing the fence panel, there’s no need for nails, brackets, or other fixings. This is because it just slots in between the beams, making setting up your new fence quick and painless. Adding extras such as our Gravel Boards is equally as easy when installing concrete fence posts. Once they’re set up, fencing posts made from concrete need very little in the way of upkeep. This means that, unlike wood, they do not need to treated regularly for issues concerning moisture or rot and can last you decades! Whilst the panels may need repairing or replacing after a while, the concrete posts will remain intact.

Gravel Boards

Installing gravel boards will increase the durability of your fence panels and save you money in the long run. They help give a cleaner and neater appearance, whilst also closing any unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence – ensuring complete privacy in your garden. 

Smooth Gravel Boards

Gravel boards will also protect your fencing from damage from lawn mowers, spade or fork work, and ball games. Concrete gravel boards are long lasting and - unlike wooden gravel boards – don’t rot or decay. We stock two types: smooth and rock face


Our brickettes are suitable for use above and below a damp proofing course level. It can be used independently as well as in conjunction with aggregate blocks that provide strength and density.

  • Uniform texture and shape offers stability
  • Damage-resistant construction
  • Resistant to frost or thawing
  • Good thermal control