Ready mixed concrete

Our Ready mixed concrete comes in a variety of strengths. Here at Prestige Concrete Products Ltd we are always on hand to help. With our volumetric vehicles you will only pay for what you use so there is absolutely NO wasted material. We will tailor each mix to your specific requirements, and also means we can adapt the mix to changing site conditions. It is the most convenient method of concrete delivery.

Lego Blocks

Installation of the concrete blocks is the quickest and easy method. Units are cast with pins/eyes in the top of the units, while shackles are hooked over and connected to chains/slings. These are used to off-load deliveries and to move into position. the concrete blocks interlock on the top and bottom and vertical joints are staggered. The process is similar to building a brick wall - this way everything is secure to the highest level.

Concrete Blocks

Great prices on our solid concrete blocks, great for extensions, foundations, block and beam, retaining walls etc. If you need any advice please contact us, we would be more than happy to help you the best way we can.